WE DON’T JUST SELL ELECTRIC scooters or mopeds or motorcycles……

Here at Scootamore we’ve understood for a long time now that we don’t just sell scooters/moped or motorcycles. We sell you on the idea of a change in your lifestyle. We have helped the disabled, the lazy, the deniers and the future YOU to get back outdoors and experience what it feels like to be 16 again, but this time saving the earth every cell of the way. One thing you will never do is visit another petrol station ever again.


To change perceptions about electric mopeds/ scooters or motorcycles, inspire a healthy and sustainable lifestyle as there are no excuses left not to own one.


Our passion is about getting the word out about how electric vehicles will transform your lifestyle for the better. It changed ours, so why not yours.


Since 1996 we have promoted a lifestyle without the car with SCOOTAMORE. In 2006 we promoted the first ebikes and as a result BIKEMORE was created. Now its time again for Scootamore to get into the electric space. Even though we did dabble in this space over the years the technology back then was not up to par with what we considered a good quality vehicle for a normal price. But the time has now come as lithium technology has gotten much better and more and more industry leaders, such as Bosch are jumping on board to get the industry electrified.


“My electric scooter has changed the way I commute to work. I mean, the commute is the same distance but everything else is different. I have to pinch myself after every ride just to see if I was dreaming! I LOVE IT!

John Cook

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! they really know their stuff. I came in knowing nothing and came out with a scooter. It is all about the scooter lifestyle. Next step is to upgrade to the electric scooter.

Fay Gerber

I love anything on two wheels. How did I not know we now have electric motorcycles here in Perth. I love my Super Soco TS and you can drive it on your normal car license!

Leigh Blake

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