What’s Hot!

What’s Hot!

Scootamore is going electric.

In Collaboration with BIKEMORE we are happy to have finally find electric scooters worthy of our roads. We have been at subiaco since 1996. In 2006 Bikemore added value to the company group by entering the ebike market. Then in 2008 we trialed some electric scooters and mopeds but after the financial crash and slow sales probably due to a lack of knowledge about electrics or that the technology was not there yet we stopped, until now.


Why Buy an Electric

Electric transportation is a new and promising alternative form of urban and rural transportation. They provide all the advantages of a regular moped: fun, free parking, zero emissions, and freedom from gridlock, while maintaining the torque and power of a internal combustion engine. Imagine gliding on the streets on Aladdins magic carpet. In most situations in the city, riding an electric motorcycle/scooter or moped will be faster and cheaper than either car or public transit. Plus you can be at the red first every time.

Easy to use

Let us show you how easy they are to use and how they will change your life in 5 minutes. No gears, autostart and so quiet you will again to start to love the sounds of the city.

Cost effective

The initial cost of the electric scooter is the largest investment but maintenance and servicing is less than any other vehicle on the road. Servicing your vehicle once a year instead of multiple times. No more carburettor problems. No more fuel pump issues and no more belt/chain and roller replacements. Just plug and ride.

Environmental Benefits

Carbon footprint is the buzz word as has been for a while but it wasn’t until now that we are able to truely create a zero carbon footprint. This is your chance now to join the carbon footprint club. imagine charging your beauty for only $0.12 or less.

What is the tech behind?

An electric motorcycle, electric moped or scooter is a normal bike but electrified. Less moving parts and direct drive. No more chains, belts and rollers! They are made up of a BMS, a controller, a display, a battery, a motor and a whole lot of wires. But here is where things start to get interesting. The motor plays a vital role in how the vehicle behaves. Being a direct drive you get the most efficient power to road ration. But no more oil changes or refills. no more stinky exhaust fumes and no noise pollution. Most also use LED light technology for better efficiency and reliability.

There is a escooter, moped or motorcycle out there for you and for what you want to do.


Book a test ride today

Test out our scooters, escooters, emopeds or emotorcycles through Kings Park to truly experience what the scooter lifestyle has to offer.


An ebike is a great alternative


Bikemore has a wide range of electric bikes that will suit any type of lifestyle. Avanti, Dyson, Earth, Ordica Smarmotion, Ryder, MIchal Blast, Vallkree, Ruffian.

Bikemore are also battery experts working together with Scootamore.


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